Compare Cloud - Surveillance

In this online demo you can explore a compare cloud created using two corpora (19,303 articles from 15 MSM sources and 26,364 blogs posts from 3 blogging platforms) discussing the issue of surveillance in the period after the Snowden leaks from June 2013 to July 2014. How do MSM and blogs discuss this issue differently and use different language? Clicking a term will show prevalence details and cause other words to be highlighted with a yellow background if they are often found in similar contexts according to the Wordnik API; double clicking will search for that term and draw a new compare cloud of the search term's contexts. Clicking a term in the context view will show a sample of 100 randomly selected sentences using that context term and the search term.
For more info on the data and how it was collected, as well as how to read and interact with the compare cloud, see here.
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